Available Services

Creative Projects

Central Rivers AEA offers a variety of video production services. Some past work done includes documentary videos, highlight videos, screencasts & tutorials, podcasts, video interviews, recordings of conferences and speakers and much more! Contact Creative Services to discuss project details and schedule meetings and recording dates for creative projects.

Processing & Editing Footage

If you have footage you recorded that needs to be imported, edited and/or uploaded to the internet, Creative Services can help you process it and turn it into a final product. Just make sure you have the proper permissions and releases for your project and the Digital Communications Specialist can discuss what you would like done with your footage and make the necessary arrangements.


Virtual Engagement Kits are available for checkout from GetMedia if you would like to do some DIY recording. There are also DIY recording guides for each office location.

Please note that Central Rivers AEA follows strict adherence to federal copyright laws and therefore the agency cannot duplicate programs that contain copyright materials or incorporate any copyright materials into any project without the proper permissions and/or licensing. Proof of this permission and/or license(s) must be provided to Creative Services in order to make duplications of any copyright material.

Important Contacts