MTSS for Well-Being: Who, What, and How


Team Representative, Early Childhood (Universal), and Regional Well-Being Teams (Targeted and Intensive)  Role and Function

All AEA Staff Role and Function


MTSS for  Well-Being Framework

Innovation Configuration Map (s):

These IC Maps are intended to be used as a tool to guide the Social, Emotional, Behavior and Mental Health (SEBMH) work in your district/school/classroom.  Users are encouraged to first, identify current practices for each element and then to develop an action plan that will enable them to move to the next level of practice.  The closer educators are to demonstrating the practices as outlined in column “A”, the closer they are to demonstrating best practice with regard to this innovation. These tools are to be used as a self-assessment tool to aid educators in the application of the continuous improvement process around these components and is intended to be an ongoing process across time. These tools are NOT to be used to evaluate staff regarding the implementation of these practices.

Framework/Infrastructure (Universal, Targeted and Intensive)

Digging Deeper (Strong Leadership, Learner Driven-Evidence Informed Decisions, Youth Engagement in School and Community, Empathetic Learning Environments, and Access to Resources Through Partnerships)


Regional Plans for Support